Welcome to the MindGarage!

Welcome to the MindGarage!

Oct 1, 2016. | By: Marcus Liwicki

Starting in autumn 2016 we formed a kind of independent “lab” at the University of Kaiserslautern which we call the MindGarage. The Ovation MindGarage is a place for students and researchers who really want to experience Very Deep Learning. It offers a set of High-End Powerful GPU-Computers for performing any experiments the students would like to conduct without bureaucratic constraints. The MindGarage is lead by Prof. Dr. Marcus Liwicki with the help of Dr. Muhammad Zeshan Afzal and a highly motivated team of Master students. The infrastructure is financially supported by Insiders Technologies GmbH, the rooms and administrative support is provided by the University of Kaiserslautern.

I am greatful for all support given and looking forward to a successful research/industry partnership leading to novel research perspectives and applications in Kaiserslautern.


We believe that creativity comes with freedom and to solve challenging problems in AI we need to have freedom and creative thinking. We provide an unconstrained environment to highly motivated students to do whatever that comes to their minds and explore deep learning.

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