Christmas Market in the city center

Christmas Market in the city center

Dec 2, 2016. | By: Marcus Liwicki

Starts at: December 19 - 2016, 19:00

Ends at: December 19 - 2016, 21:00

On the last Monday before Christmas we will go together to the Christmas market and have a bit of hot wine (with or without alcohol) as well as hot sausage (up to spicy level 888 ;) ) We will meet on the market behind the Stiftskirche under this kind of bridge (a community room). Typically there is an open fire and a nice hot wine booth with hot apple and orange juice as well. The first drink will be on me - also the sausage, but bear in mind that it is not a spice-level competition, but just a visit of the market in order to have fun!

See you there,



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