MindStorm Open Research Session: 19th March!

MindStorm Open Research Session: 19th March!

Mar 19, 2018. | By: Kumar Shridhar

Session Highlights

  1. At the Mindstorm session, we started with a discussion about the upcoming hackathon. The hackathon will start on Friday, 27th April 2018 at Mindgarage and the results will be announced on Sunday, 29th April 2018 at 12:00 pm EST.
  2. Marcus Liwicki shared some insights about the data and how and when the Hackathon will be organized.
  3. Some papers were discussed by Kumar Shridhar :

    • Predictive Neural Networks : where the authors showed that linearly activated recurrent neural networks can approximate any time-dependent function f(t) given by a number of function values. The approximation can effectively be learned by simply solving a linear equation system; no backpropagation or similar methods are needed.

    • Adaptive Neural Compilation : where the authors showed that it is possible to compile programs written in a low-level language to a differentiable representation.

  4. Mendeley Desktop : A very useful application to keep and store all the research papers was discussed by Kumar Shridhar.
  5. Finally, the session ended with a topic presentation on ‘Multi Modal learning’ by Saurabh Varshneya.


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