MindStorm Open Research Session: 23rd April!

MindStorm Open Research Session: 23rd April!

Apr 23, 2018. | By: Kumar Shridhar

Session Highlights

  1. The Mindstorm session started with a discussion about the upcoming hackathon. The hackathon starting date was announced as Friday, 27th April 2018 at Mindgarage and the results announcement date was announced to be Sunday, 29th April 2018 at 12:00 pm EST.
  2. Marcus Liwicki shared final insights about the data and how the Hackathon will be organized. Also the data was shown by Sidney and Kumar Shridhar.
  3. Jakub shared some insights about the synthetic data preparation process and how he achieved better results than the normal data in autonomous car driving. He is also a part of Kaiserslautern Racing Team KaRat where they work on Autonomous Driving. It is also totally maintained by students. Feel free to contact them, if you are interested in it.
  4. A research paper was discussed by Abhash Sinha :

    • Predictive Neural Networks : where the authors showed that linearly activated recurrent neural networks can approximate any time-dependent function f(t) given by a number of function values. The approximation can effectively be learned by simply solving a linear equation system; no backpropagation or similar methods are needed.
  5. Finally, the session ended with a topic presentation on Introducing Semantic Experiences with Talk to Books and Semantris by Rajveer Shringi.


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