What is Deep Trans?

DeepTrans is a character level language model for transliterating English text into Hindi. It is based on the attention mechanism presented in [1] and its implementation in Tensorflow’s Sequence to Sequence models. This project has been inspired by the translation model presented in tensorflow’s sequence to sequence model. This project comes with a pretrained model (2 layers with 256 units each) for Hindi but can be easily trained over the existing model or from scratch. The pretrained models are trained on lowercase words. If you wish to train your own model then feel free to do whatever you want and we would be glad if you could share your results and models with me. we hope to see interesting results.

Code and references

The code is public and would like to have more people collaborate with us to make it better.

Project Details

Date: Oct 10, 2016
Author: Ayushman Dash
Tags: RNN, Seq2Seq, LSTM,

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