The lab for Deep Learning activities with Marcus Liwicki.

The Ovation MindGarage is an independent "lab" under the guidance of Marcus Liwicki. It is connected to the teaching activities of Marcus in the area of deep learning, including the lecture "Very Deep Learning", his supervised projects and theses, and individual studies.

In this website we will put information about the research projects conducted at the Ovation MindGarage, as well as, relevant information about the infrastructure mainly sponsored by Insiders Technologies GmbH.

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Bidirectional Learning for Robust Neural Networks

Recognizing Challenging Handwritten Annotations with Fully Convolutional Networks

Real-Time Document Image Classification using Deep CNN and Extreme Learning Machines

Cutting the Error by Half: Investigation of Very Deep CNN and Advanced Training Strategies for Document Image Classification

TAC-GAN - Text Conditioned Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network

Multilevel Context Representation for Improving Object Recognition

Music Information Retrieval

Transforming Sensor Data to the Image Domain for Deep Learning - an Application to Footstep Detection



MindGarage is not an organisation, it is a family. Solving problems, meeting new people, discussing ideas and having fun is what MindGarage is all about.

Ayushman Dash

Machine Learning Engineer/ Full Stack Web Developer - MindGarage

Marcus Liwicki

apl. Prof. at the University of Kaiserslautern / Head of MindGarage



We believe that creativity comes with freedom and to solve challenging problems in AI we need to have freedom and creative thinking. We provide an unconstrained environment to highly motivated students to do whatever that comes to their minds and explore deep learning.

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