SS2023 Project - Optimize a Human Pose Estimation Network using Knowledge Distillation

Posted on Apr 3, 2023 by Saif Khan

Efficient Human Pose Estimation

Supervisor: Muhammad Saif Ullah Khan

Replace the backbones in an existing large neural network for human pose estimation with a smaller, mobile-optimized backbone, and then use knowledge distillation to train the smaller network in a teacher-student setting where the original network acts as the teacher


  • Obtain and run source code of an existing Vision Transformer based network for human pose (e.g., ViTPose [1], TokenPose [2])
  • Replace backbones with EfficientFormer [3], MobileNets [4], etc.
  • Train the updated network to reproduce the output of the original network using a distillation loss.

[1] Xu, Y., Zhang, J., Zhang, Q., & Tao, D. (2022). Vitpose: Simple vision transformer baselines for human pose estimation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.12484.
[2] Li, Y., Zhang, S., Wang, Z., Yang, S., Yang, W., Xia, S. T., & Zhou, E. (2021). Tokenpose: Learning keypoint tokens for human pose estimation. In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International conference on computer vision (pp. 11313-11322).
[3] Li, Y., Yuan, G., Wen, Y., Hu, J., Evangelidis, G., Tulyakov, S., … & Ren, J. (2022). Efficientformer: Vision transformers at mobilenet speed. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 35, 12934-12949.
[4] Howard, A. G., Zhu, M., Chen, B., Kalenichenko, D., Wang, W., Weyand, T., … & Adam, H. (2017). Mobilenets: Efficient convolutional neural networks for mobile vision applications. arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.04861.


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